AquatikCreator of The Week: NinjaFalcon

Creator of The Week: NinjaFalcon

1.    At what age did you start gaming at? And what was your first game and console you played with? 

I was born playing games, Started on the family NES console in the late 1990s playing Super Mario bros, Duck Hunt and Tetris with the older brother. Eventually the console collection started growing.

2.    What is your favorite video game of the moment?

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, probably the most relaxing game with ambient sounds and waters to explore. Really was one of the motivations to travel.

3.    Who is your favorite creator currently? 

I got 2, MegKaylee has led the most amazing community experiences I’ll never forget on Twitch, But my favorite Creator of all time is RomanAtwood for the fact he loves the outdoors as well as the indoors, and he is just a FeelsGoodMan all around.

4.    What is your favorite thing about Aquatik?

Meeting and getting to know everyone. I believe everyone is unique and carries a certain background that helps form this community to what it is. Also the fact that this org has given me the chance to gain commentary experience is a bonus.

5.    What is the best part about being a streamer?

Expressing myself, and just having the freedom to play whatever I want and getting to know the chat that also play the same games and communicate with me.

6.    What do you hope for in the future as a creator? 

Full Time streaming hopefully, but I’m not gonna bet on it until its close to reality.

7.    What is your motivation for being a creator?  

My passion for gaming has honestly motivated me a lot more to create. Once I took a couple graphic arts and multi media courses, the knowledge I had I didn’t want to go to waste. After meeting some amazing community members from SOBA, Sin Squad, Aquatik, and everywhere else, I’ve been keeping my head up and plans in check.

8.    What’s one thing you wish you knew when you started streaming?

People come and follow, but not always expected to stay and chat.

Also them computer science skills improve a heck of a lot from learning so much applications.

9.    What advice do you have for anyone who wants to get into live streaming?

It’s a fun hobby will millions of communities backing it up. If you wish to take it seriously though, get a job first. As don’t be afraid to be you. not everyone has to play the popular games but if that’s you, go for it!

10.    A fun fact about yourself! (Please be appropriate)

-I’ll give ya a couple:

I’m Autistic (diagnosed at the age of 11)

I’ve been an Esports competitor since 2010 (Been involved in Pokemon VGC, Smash, Pokken, WindJammers 1 and hopefully 2, and TeamFightTactics seasons 1-2).

11.    What are your socials for people

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