AquatikCreator of The Week: WardenBlackBeard

Creator of The Week: WardenBlackBeard

1.    At what age did you start gaming at? And what was your first game and console you played with? 

I started gaming when I was about 3 or 4 I use to watch my older brother play resident evil games. Then I would play duck hunt. The first game I ever played was either Crash Bandicoot or StarFox 64.

2.    What is your favorite video game of the moment?

Man that is a tough question I would say right now I really am enjoying Little Nightmares and Remnant From the Ashes

3.    Who is your favorite creator currently? (Doesn’t have to be in Aquatik)

I don’t really have a favorite per say I enjoy consuming different content. But right now I watch alot of Cinnamontoastken

4.    What is your favorite thing about Aquatik?

My favorite thing about Aquatik is definitely the camaraderie as well mostly everyone is willingness to help each other grow.

5.    What is the best part about being a streamer?

For me the best part about being a streamer is the ability to show my love for video games to others around the world and create positive impacts in peoples lives.

6.    What do you hope for in the future as a creator? 

I hope my future as a creator is bright and continues to grow so that I can help other grow.

7.    What is your motivation for being a creator? 

My motivation for being a creator has always been to entertain and make people smile as well as to show others that you are able to accomplish anything.

8.    What’s one thing you wish you knew when you started streaming?

I think the biggest thing I wish I knew before I started streaming was take your time be patient and always stay positive.

9.    What advice do you have for anyone who wants to get into live streaming?

My biggest advice for anyone that is looking to start streaming. Don’t give up even if you have 1 viewer always stay engaged always talk always do something don’t just sit in silence

10.    A fun fact about yourself! (Please be appropriate)

A fun fact about myself is I really enjoy cooking authentic Puerto Rican food for my family. My mother taught me to cook and I fell in love with the kitchen. sometimes

11.    What are your socials for people to see you at? 

twitter: @wardenblackbea1

insta: wardenblackbeard

twitch: WardenBlackBeard

youtube: Warden BlackBeard

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