AquatikIs Cross-Platform Playing the Future of Video Games?

Is Cross-Platform Playing the Future of Video Games?

What drove the gaming industry for years was the aspect of exclusivity between certain consoles and games. In the past, we saw the success of Xbox with Halo, PS4 with The Last of Us, Nintendo Switch with Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and PCs with Total War and Civilization. Exclusivity isn’t just about content; certain consoles also decide who you are going to play these games with. With this being said, if all your friends are on Xbox Live, for example, then you’re going to be more inclined to own an Xbox. 

Cross-Platform Gaming Obstacles  

Technical Limitations: Control systems from platform to platform, such as computers and gaming consoles, usually differ. These differences can be a problem for compatibility and make it impossible to have a game played on one platform compared to another. Another technical limitation is the strain on the server with players from all different consoles or computers playing the game. Depending on the console or computer you use, this can influence how many servers it can handle at one time.

Differing Policies: A significant barrier on the path to cross-platform gaming is found in terms of service and policies that exist between companies and players using online services. The variety of different policies causing anxiety for companies as it would mean the disabling and restricting of content. 

Hardware Sales: In the past, you had to purchase certain consoles to play certain games because it was exclusive to that platform. With this limitation removed due to cross-platform, the drastic effect on hardware sales is no small thing that companies want to ignore. There will be little to no differentiation between all the gaming hardware if cross-platform gaming goes mainstream, and it could be disastrous.  

What We Can Look Forward to With Cross-Platform Gaming  

Community Growth: Not only will gamers be able to play against a host of new and different players but also communicate with them too. Cross-platform gaming will bring people together. It will also help with the longevity and relevance of a game online. Gaming will soon become less about which platform you play on and more about what game you are playing and with who. 

It Is the New Normal: There’s a lot to look forward to for the future of gaming, especially with the increase of cross-platform gaming. Cross-platform gaming is changing the way games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Fortnite are played. These games are showing a generation of gamers that they can play together no matter whether individual players are playing on a computer, Xbox, or PS4. Other titles are bringing together players from an even more extensive line-up of platforms. 

No matter the limitations, cross-platform gaming is not going to be going away; in fact, it is going to grow more prominent than ever before. Console gamers will always have their preference, but now with cross-platform play, it means that online multiplayer could be evolving into a bigger and way more competitive style of gaming.

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