AquatikPredicting Top 5 Esports Trends of 2021

Predicting Top 5 Esports Trends of 2021

While 2020 has been finally put to rest, let us welcome the new year with a look at the future of esports. There’s no doubt that the esports industry has continued to successfully rank even during a pandemic, but how will it continue to thrive this year? In general, Esports and gaming have been at an all-time high while regular traditional sports such as football came to a bitter pause. It has resulted in esports as one of the primary forms of sports entertainment. Even though most in-person esports events will continue to get canceled this year (yet again), let’s discuss new trends that we predict will flourish in 2021.

Brand Partnerships:

Due to this industry’s success, brands realize that partnering up with significant teams can be beneficial. Millennials and Gen Z are among the top influencing groups who remain brand-focused, and now brands are stepping in to fulfill their needs. Brand partnerships provide value to not only a brand’s audience but also to the increasing and highly-active esport community. It’s a win-win scenario for both sides!

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality was a striking force in gaming last year, especially with the release of the Oculus Quest 2. Although VR innovations may be moderately new to the esports industry, it has given gamers a huge advantage, such as improving their physical and psychological abilities. These are just a few of the benefits VR offers, which are also seen in sports like baseball. In-person sports and virtual reality share several similarities, so why not enter a new dimension all in the comfort of your home?

Esports Gambling

Investing and betting have been a consistent segment of esports, to say the least. The concept of gambling has been around for so long, but people can’t seem to ignore this opportunity with esports on the rise. Gambling on esports may become a massive trend in the coming future, while amateurs have become fixated on the idea of betting on winning teams of their favorite league.

Entertainment for Everyone

You don’t have to be the most experienced gamer or be in the most popular team to enjoy esports. People from all kinds of sectors understand the excitement behind esports, including beginners, viewers, new streamers, and more. The esports industry won’t come to a stop anytime soon as more and more people pick up controllers to learn and dive into the universe of gaming. Viewership rates, sponsorships, influencers, and virtual tournaments will proceed to engage new individuals from all over the world.

Pop-Culture & Esports

Last year, esports and gaming had established their position as a motivating force in pop culture by introducing a Travis Scott’s concert experience in Fortnite and Faze Clan’s first movie debut. Well-known esports athletes are influencing the enormous gaming community by proving what trends hot cool. Nonetheless, 2021 will further impact pop culture, mainly in music, movies, and streetwear.

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