At what age did you start gaming at? And what was your first game and console you played with?   I started gaming at a young age, around 7 years old. My first game was either Pokémon Ruby on Game Boy Advance, or Madden 2002 on PlayStation 2.  What is your favorite video game of the […]

1.    At what age did you start gaming at? And what was your first game and console you played with?  I was born playing games, Started on the family NES console in the late 1990s playing Super Mario bros, Duck Hunt and Tetris with the older brother. Eventually the console collection started growing. 2.    What […]

To play like a mainstream gamer, you have to stay focused, react within seconds, and solve problems for hours on end. Becoming a hard-core gamer requires some serious mental and cognitive abilities. Nootropics have been surfacing the gaming and esports industry for a few years now. Let’s crackdown the actual meaning

This past weekend marked a huge milestone for the universal fan-favorite Pokémon Company. Last Saturday, the world came together to celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary while tuning into Post Malone’s virtual concert.  Pokémon has come a long way throughout these years, from trading cards and video games to augmented reality m

While 2020 has been finally put to rest, let us welcome the new year with a look at the future of esports. There’s no doubt that the esports industry has continued to successfully rank even during a pandemic, but how will it continue to thrive this year? In general, Esports and gaming have been at […]

Gaming has been a part of our world as long as most of us can remember. For some, it has been around all our lives, while others lived through the uprising of this phenomenon. Technology has played a significant role in the creation of every gaming console that has been around to this day. The […]

Arguably, there has never been a better time to get into gaming. The economy now more than ever is focused on technology, entertainment, and the new and innovative. The world as a whole is always in search of distractions to help them remove themselves from the stress and unknowns of daily life. Enter the gaming […]

On tonight’s episode of Neptjun’s News it was all about the Creators! We introduced the first 50 and talked about what’s to come! More details to come in our upcoming Fireside Chat, this Thursday at 8:30PM EST live on and live here on YouTube.

Aquatik Esports is a competitive esports organization working with gamers and streamers across the world to build awareness of climate change, conservation and global aide.