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Welcome To Our Leagues

Jelly League


The Jelly League is built on casual play, with no set play schedules, minimal entry requirements and a large variety of available games almost any gamer can find their home amongst the jellies.

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Shark League


The Shark League is where your journey into the esports world really begins. Our organized play league is built around forward momentum. Training schedules, coaches, and entry level tournaments make up the cornerstones of one of our most important leagues. Every great pro needs to start somewhere, the Shark League is just that place.

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Orca League

Welcome to the big leagues. The Orca League is where things start to get serious. Enhanced sponsorships, live and digital events, and higher value tournaments give semi-pros a place to call home. With a more selective roster of games and players, the Orca League is a league worth grinding for.

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Manta League


This is it, the ultimate Aquatik League, welcome to the real deal. Premier sponsorships, marketed tournaments, high dollar prizes, the Manta League is every gamer’s aspiration. Entry only be recruitment or an Orca League championship win, the Manta League is in a “League” of its own.

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Meet the Staff

Meet the staff behind Aquatik Esports.

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Aquatik Esports is a competitive esports organization working with gamers and streamers across the world to build awareness of climate change, conservation and global aide.